On ‘Travel, Trade, Tradition
and Trajectories’

Held on
December 4-6, 2018

Business Park, HiLite Mall, Calicut, Kerala, India

Ma'din Academy, Malappuram, Kerala, India (

About this event

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), Hamdard Foundation, New Delhi, Ma’din Academy, Kerala co-organized the 2nd INTERNATIONAL IBNU BATUTA CONFERENCE On ‘‘Travel, Trade, Tradition and Trajectories’’ on 04 - 06 December 2018 in collaboration with Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India, International University of Agadir, Morocco and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Malabar, from earliest times, has been keeping direct contact with trading communities of the world. It was a cross line from ancient times and nurturing land of various traditions and cosmopolitan cultures. Western as well as eastern trades with Malabar ports were continuous and unbroken and monsoon winds played remarkable role in the maritime trade history of Malabar.

The Second Ibn Battuta International conference focused on Malabar and its international connections, which promoted travel and trade for centuries and endorsed cordial traditions and encouraged social trajectories. The conference was held in Calicut, which was the chief port of Malabar with full of merchants from China, Jawa, Ceylon, the Maldives, Yemen and Persia, and traders and travellers from all quarters of the world. The wonderful story of Malabar was unveiled by Ibn Batuta, who introduced Calicut as the safest port town of the world and as famous as that of Alexandria port of the time.

Malabar has been a historical crux of travel, trade, traditions and trajectories. This coastline was playing an important role in Indian Ocean sea trade. The international conference will try to explain how the legacy of past perform a fundamental part in the crafting of present.
The conference also explored the contemporary studies and their contributions on cosmopolitan travel and trade lines of the Indian Ocean world and their political, religious and social traditions and academic trajectories.

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