"Islamic Finance: An economic catalyst for emerging India"


Ma’din Global Institute for Management Studies(MGIMS) is organizing a symposium entitled, “Islamic Finance: A catalyst for emerging India, aiming at enriching collaborations among the Islamic finance initiatives in India.

Regardless of the apparent geopolitical and religious distinctions, Islamic Finance is being widely accepted as an alternative to the conventional system both in the developed and developing worlds. As a value based, essentially ethical, sustainable as well as environmentally and socially responsible system, Islamic Finance promotes risk sharing while emphasizing financial inclusion and social welfare. It has generally been perceived by many as a fundamental solution for contemporaneous social and financial problems. Given its continuous exponential growth, even the international monetary bodies such as the World Bank and the IMF are spearheading its promotion across the globe.

Despite the great progress the Islamic Finance has made globally, it must be said that the Indian scenario remains confined to primitive academic discussions and researches and isolated initiatives. In order to keep pace with the times, there is a tremendous need for a well-organized and determined step igniting the various potentials, strengthening the roles and impact of Islamic Finance and overcoming its existing limitations in the country. This effort will ensure the future of Islamic finance in India as a promising one.

As the theme reflects, this symposium offers a unique opportunity for likeminded Islamic Finance aspirants among students, researchers, academicians, and industrial experts to sit together and explore the interminable potentials of Islamic Finance in the country by sharing their knowledge and personal experiences. In the presence of prominent personalities of Islamic Finance industry from various national and international universities, we sincerely hope that this event will be both enlightening and envisioning to all the delegates.


December 28, 2018

Ma'din Polytechnic College,
Technorium Campus

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