Ma'din makes tomorrow

The Vicennium, is about to make new history.

Ma'din Vicennium,

A considerable yet serviceable transformation

Madin Academy commemorates its 20th anniversary titled Vicennium over the years 2015-2018.
The Madin Academy, as an institute, had many responsibilities to fulfil. The Academy had to communicate with a global audience. Yet those particular citizens, part of a worldwide Islamic community, strove to preserve their Muslim identity and at the same time wanted to embrace the new technology with its promise of vibrant ideas. Convincingly to link traditional Muslim beliefs with the emerging cyber-orientated lifestyle in a rapidly changing world was a herculean task.

Using the argument of the advantages and excitement of technological development, some, in Muslim society, tried to distract other Muslims from their time-worn traditional beliefs.

However, in the midst of expectations and apprehensions, came a shower of Allah’s blessings. People from all walks of life including scholars, academicians, politicians, ordinary citizens, adopted wholeheartedly the goals of the Academy. They all played a vital part in a variety of programmes, conferences and projects at Madin. Furthermore, these innovative projects have led on to the recapturing and re-inspiring of Sunni Muslims, in Kerala society, whose faith was being undermined by the pressures and attractions of the modern technological world. All praise to Allah.

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The Vicennium is about to make a new history.

Accordingly, Madin academy will go through a variety of programmes from 2015-18. The convocation conference is recognized as an integral part of the educational institute. Over these years, graduates from Madin Academy will start receiving their diplomas and certificates. One of the Vicennium’s important objectives is to enhance and develop the signed memorandums with international universities. Potentially Swalath Nagar will be transformed into an Edu-Hub to encourage and facilitate a confluence of international academics.

Its patron Sayyid Ibraheemul Khaleelul Bukhari rightly challenged the notion that modern life and traditional beliefs were incompatible. He argued they were related and would give hope of a better life to thousands.

The Vicennium at the Madin Academy will cause a considerable yet serviceable transformation in our society. The celebration has the publicity, resources and capacity to direct the development of Kerala and beyond for the next fifty years.