(An Open Platform for the Exchange of Research Ideas and Thoughts)

Conference Information

December 26, 2018

Ma'din Academy, Edupark Campus

Submission of Abstract
Before 25th Nov 2018

Intimation of Abstract Acceptance
30 Nov 2018

Submission of full paper
15 Dec 2018

Abstracts could be submitted either in English or Arabic. 

About this event

Theme: “Research Academia: Representation, Reflection and Self-making”

The YOUNG RESEARCHERS' CONSORTIUM (YRC-2018) welcomes abstracts from young researchers who are currently doing their research in various disciplines at different universities or those who have completed their research in the recent years for the consortium to be held on 26th December 2018 in Ma’din Academy, Malappuram, Kerala, India. As the theme of consortium indicates, The YRC-2018 conducted as part of VICENNIUM CONFERENCE, 20th anniversary of Madin Academi, proposes to provide an academic platform for young researchers to meet up in a friendly and scholastic atmosphere to share their core research findings, ideas and experiences. The event will be unique in nature as it would be a rare occasion for young researchers to present the research ideas and thoughts they are currently working on. It will also provide the chance for the participants to get insights into the research areas of their friends in other universities. Thus, it is expected that YRC-2018 of Ma’din Academy will pave the way for the formation of long stating academic collaborations among young budding researchers.

Young researchers from all disciplines are invited to submit their abstracts. Abstract needs to contain points such as why the research matters, the impact it would have on the wider areas of the concerned subject and how far it could give back to the community or social space.

It is all-important that you are able to reflect and explain what brings to your critical research and the contributions you are making from the outset of your careers. Identifying and acknowledging the impact of research reinforces the need to bridge the gap between academia and practice and opens a dialogue with the outside world. How far one could represent his/her identity or community, how far the efforts successful in bringing back the fruits to the his/her social space and the self transformation as a research scholar within academia. This captures the essence of "Research Academia: Representation, Reflection and Self-making". It is a search for the significance and impact of research in encouraging and promoting human and social development as well.

We hope that the consortium, in keeping with the spirit of enhancing collaboration, will allow exciting ideas to emerge and help researchers make new networks and collaborations and anticipate that you will find the one day event stimulating and constructive.